Collective Illustrations

Interior illustrations for the Collective books "In a Flash" and "A New World".

These illustrations were originally done for In a Flash and A New World to appear between chapters. They were eventually removed from the books as it was felt that they weren't needed. 
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Overhead shot of Echograd, the capitol city of the moon colonies of Kroma.
Tana Kucherov (front) at dinner with her family.
Walter Stoddard gazes at Kroma from the surface of its moon, Verdan.
Kris and Kellen Granger walking through the streets of Echograd at dusk.
The Concourse, capital building in Echograd.
The interstellar transport Horizon approaching Verdan. The gas giant Kroma looms behind it.
Eden Island, home of the breakaway religious sect The Gideons.
Base camp of the Rangers, a rebel group of soldiers.
MAry Muran walking on one of the The Horizon's village decks.
A Spire landing ship returns to The Horizon.
Party preparations on The Horizon.
A skiff being serviced in the Horizon's docking bay.
A skiff speeds across the canopy of the unexplored alien jungle.
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